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49th Venice Biennale
10 June - 4 November 2001

Venice / 2001 / Plateau

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This area has been a location for shipyards, workshops, and warehouses since the 12th century. In the 15th and 16th centuries, up to 16,000 people worked here.

The Venice Biennale undertook extensive reconstruction work, so that a part of the building could already be used for the international exhibition in 1999.

Following the completion of the reconstruction, there now exists an exhibition space of 17,000 m² in the various buildings of the Arsenale.
Ron Mueck
Xiao Yu
Luis González Palma
Tatsumi Orimoto
Tiong Ang
Santiago Sierra
Fiona Tan
Sunday Jack Akpan
Abbas Kiarostami
Tracey Rose
Priscilla Monge
Gustavo Artigas
Hai Bo
Ernesto Neto
Javier Téllez
Tania Bruguera
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