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La Biennale di Venezia, 50th International Art Exhibition, 15th June - 2nd November 2003
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The Everyday Altered
Curated by Gabriel Orozco

I accepted the invitation of Francesco Bonami to curate this exhibition because of his genuine interest in the ongoing collaboration that has taken place among and between these artists and myself over the years. My curatorial practice here is limited to establishing rules for a game in a specific exhibition field. The rules are: no walls, no pedestals, no vitrines, no video, no photographs. The six invited players are: Abraham Cruzvillegas, Jimmie Durham, Daniel Guzman, Jean Luc Moulene, Damian Ortega and Fernando Ortega. Avoiding the medias mentioned before, these artists have accepted to participate in this dialogue using their own altered objects of knowledge. We could say that this practice of transforming the objects and situations in which we live everyday is a way of transforming the passage of time and the way we assimilate the economics and politics of the instruments of living. We could say, also, that the fact that this practice has become a recurrent tool for many contemporary artists all over the world, is a sign of its political power, as the individual can transform and communicate its own reality and, with simple means, make these altered objects the materials and tools of our revolutionary mornings. The human scale is a constant in all the works presented here. The irony of thinking, the immediate gesture, the fragility of intimacy, and the meticulous violence of transforming the familiar, makes these artists' work relevant to understand a powerful tendency in the art practice of today.
Gabriel Orozco



Abraham Cruzvillegas (Mexico)
1968. Lives and works in Mexico City

Jimmie Durham (USA)
1940. Lives and works in Berlin

Daniel Guzmán (Mexico)
1964. Lives and works in Mexico City

Damián Ortega (Mexico)
1967. Lives and works in Mexico City

Fernando Ortega (Mexico)
1971. Lives and works in Mexico City

Jean Luc Moulène (France)
1955. Lives and works in Paris


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