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50th Venice Biennale
15 June - 2 November 2003

Venice / 2003 / Report / Pavilions / Iran


Ahmad Nadalian

Ahmad Nadalian

* 1963 Sangsar, Iran; lives in Teheran.

Ahmad Nadalian
Ahmad Nadalian Ahmad Nadalian

River Art
The river has still fish, 2001

Video projection, installation and photos

The video is projected onto the floor in an area bordered by stones. It shows a ritualistic performance on the Haraz River (65 km from Teheran), at which Nadalian chiseled hundreds of fish in boulders on the bank and in the water. He combines sequences of this with images and sounds of construction vehicles.

Website on the project: www.RiverArt.net

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Installation (above left) and portrait: Binder & Haupt. Other photos: Ahmad Nadalian

Ahmad Nadalian