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The Experience of Art, Artists' List
International Exhibition of the 51th Venice Biennial, 2005
Curator: María de Corral. Venue: Italian pavilion, Giardini di Castello

Eija-Liisa Ahtila
* 1959 Hameenlinna, Finland; lives there.

Vasco Araújo
* 1975 Lisbon, Portugal; lives there.

Francis Bacon
* 1909 Dublin, Irland; + 1962 Madrid, Spain.

Miroslaw Balka
* 1958 Warsaw, Poland; lives there.

Andrea Blum
* 1950 New York, USA; lives there.

Monica Bonvicini
* 1965 Venice, Italy. Lives in Berlin, Germany, and Los Angeles, USA.

Candice Breitz
* 1972 Johannesburg, South Africa. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Tania Bruguera
* 1968 Havana, Cuba; lives there.

Chen Chieh-jen
* 1960 Taoyuan, Taiwan. Lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

José Damasceno
* 1968 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; lives there.

Tacita Dean
* 1965 Canterbury, Great Britain. Lives in London, Great Britain, und Berlin, Germany.

Willie Doherty
* 1959 Derry, North Irland; lives there.

Stan Douglas
* 1960 Vancouver, Canada; lives there.

Marlene Dumas
* 1953 Capetown, South Africa. Lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Leandro Erlich
* 1973 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives in Paris, France, and Buenos Aires.

Bernard Frize
* 1954 Saint Mande, France. Lives in Paris, France.

Dan Graham
* 1942 Urbana, IL, USA. Lives in New York, USA.

Philip Guston
* 1913 Montreal, Canada; + 1980 Woodstock, NY, USA.

Jenny Holzer
* 1950 Gallipolis, OH, USA. Lives in New York, USA.

Donald Judd
* 1928 Excelsior Springs, Missouri, USA; + 1994 New York, USA.

William Kentridge
* 1955 Johannesburg, South Africa; lives there.

Barbara Kruger
* 1945 Newark, NJ, USA. Lives in Los Angeles and New York, USA.

Maider López
* 1975 San Sebastian, Spain; lives there.

João Louro
* 1963 Lisbon, Portugal; lives there.

Jorge Macchi
* 1963 Buenos Aires, Argentina; lives there.

Agnes Martin
* 1912 Macklin, Saskatchewan, Canada; + 2004 Taos, NM, USA.

Cildo Meireles
* 1948 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; lives there.

Zwelethu Mthethwa
* 1960 Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Lives in Capetown, South Africa.

Juan Muñoz
* 1953 Madrid, Spain; + 2001 Ibiza, Spain.

Bruce Nauman
* 1941 Fort Wayne, IN, USA. Lives in Galisteo, NM, USA.

Gabriel Orozco
* 1962 Jalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. Lives in Mexico-City, New York, USA, und Paris, France.

* 1957 Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona, Spain; lives there.

Robin Rhode
* 1976 Capetown, South Africa. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Thomas Ruff
* 1958 Zell am Harmersbach, Germany. Lives in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Thomas Schütte
* 1954 Oldenburg, Germany. Lives in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Antoni Tàpies
* 1923 Barcelona, Spain; lives there.

Juan Uslé
* 1954 Santander, Spain. Lives in Santander and New York, USA.

Francesco Vezzoli
* 1971 Brescia, Italy. Lives in Milan, Italy.

Mark Wallinger
* 1959 Chigwell, Great Britain. Lives in London, Great Britain.

Matthias Weischer
* 1973 Elte, Germany. Lives in Leipzig, Germany.

Rachel Whiteread
* 1963 London, Great Britain; lives there.

Jun Yang
* 1975 Tientsin, China. Lives in Vienna, Austria, and China.


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