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Argentinean Pavilion, 51st Venice Biennale
Jorge Macchi in collaboration with Edgardo Rudnitzky
(información de prensa del organizador, mayo 2005)

Palagraziussi, Old Oratory of San Filippo Neri Campo Della Fava, Venice.
Opening: June Saturday 11th - 18:00 hs
12 June - 6 November 2005

Curator: Adriana Rosenberg
Commissioners: Mercedes Parodi, Sergio Baur


The official Argentine presentation at the 51st edition of the Venice Biennial - curated by Adriana Rosenberg - will be represented by Jorge Macchi in collaboration with the musician Edgardo Rudnitzky. The artists will present "La Ascensión" ("The Ascension") installation, site specific and performance, at the old Oratory of St. Filippo Neri, current Palagraziussi, at the Campo della Fava in the city of Venice.

"La Ascensión" ("The Ascencion") is a sound and visual installation where the artist emphasizes the elements found in the Oratory: its religious architecture, its baroque décor, the fresco topic on the Assumption of Mary; its musical function.

The Oratory is a baroque building that belongs to the XVIII century, with an almost square floor plan (12 m x 14 m x 8 meter high), an altar at the back of the room and a fresco in the ceiling, surrounded by a typically baroque frame of curves and contra-curves, by Tommaso Cassani Bugoni da Anton María Zanetti. The mural in the Oratory’s ceiling represents the Assumption of Mary. Running along the side walls, two balconies that were used to place musicians and singers.

The proposed installation is an intervention of the Oratory’s space. It consists of an trampoline placed just underneath the mural of the Assumption. The bed has the same shape and size of the mural (7.40 x 6.40 cm).

The composer Edgardo Rudnitzky will create a piece for viola da gamba plus the percussion resulting from an acrobat’s leap over the trampoline, with an approximate duration of 15 minutes.

During the days of the opening, a live performance with the musician and the acrobat will take place. Music will be heard in the installation once an hour during 15 minutes; and a CD player with headphones with the recorded music will also be available.

There is also an artist’s book "La Ascención" ("The Ascension)") specially designed by Jorge Macchi in collaboration with the graphic designer Mario Gemín. Together with the texts, a CD with the recording of Rudnitzky´s sound installation and the documentation that the artist used to conceive this project.


Jorge Macchi - CV
Born in Buenos Aires in 1963.
He regularly shows his work at the following galleries: Ruth Benzacar (Buenos Aires); Luisa Strina (Sao Paulo) and Distrito4 (Madrid).

He held several one-man-shows at different institutions: Essex University (England); Museum of Modern Art (Buenos Aires), Museum of Contemporary Art at Amberes (MUHKA, Belgium).

He participated in the following biennials: La Habana (2000), Porto Alegre and Istanbul (2003) and Sao Paulo (2004).

He was awarded the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship in 2001. Since 1994, he has been invited by many art institutions and foundations to join their residence programs in France, Holland, England, Germany and Italy.
He has worked with Edgardo Rudnitzky in different theater pieces and installations. Buenos Aires Tour -the book and the installation- is their most recent team work.

The composer and sound artist Edgardo Rudnitzky was born in Buenos Aires in 1956 and at present he lives in Berlin. He has developed his work in the field of the performance arts, film and installation.

He has received international awards and was commissioned to work in the United States and Europe.

Besides having actively participated in the Buenos Aires art and music scene, his works were shown at the Musee du Louvre (Paris 2004), Siemmens Festival (Stuttgart 2004), Istanbul Biennial of Arts (Istanbul 2003), Kunsten Festival des Arts (Brussels 2002 y 2003), Festival de otoño (Madrid 1999), Festival d`Avignon (Avignon 1999), Theater der Welt (Berlin 1999 and Koln 2002) among other venues.

Jorge Macchi and Edgardo Rudnitzky

2004 Buenos Aires Tour, book-object. Concept and images by Jorge Macchi, sound by Edgardo Rudnitzky, texts by María Negroni. Published by Turner Libros, Madrid.

2003 Carlos W. Sáenz (1956- ). Text by Alejandro Tantanián, sound design by Edgardo Rudnitzky, space design by Jorge Macchi. Kunsten Festival des arts, Brussels 2003.
Buenos Aires Tour, installation. Concept, photos, videos, objects by Jorge Macchi, sound installation by Edgardo Rudnitzky, texts by María Negroni. Istanbul Biennial and Distrito4 Gallery, Madrid.

2001 Cine quirúrgico ("Surgical Film") idea and direction by Edgardo Rudnitzky, scenography by Jorge Macchi, text by de Alejandro Tantanián. El portón de Sánchez Theater, Buenos Aires.

2000 Julia, a naturalist tragedy, by A. Strindberg. Direction by Alejandro Tantanian, sound design by Edgardo Rudnitzky, space design by Jorge Macchi. San Martín Theater, Buenos Aires.

1999 Satanic Mass (the night of Walpurgis) by Goethe. Collaborative Group: Rubén Szuchmacher, Alejandro Tantanian, Edgardo Rudnitzky and Jorge Macchi. Goethe Institut, Buenos Aires


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