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52. Biennale Venedig
10. Juni - 21. November 2007

Venedig / 2007 / Rundgang / Libanon

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Akram Zaatari







Video in Five Movements. 2006
Video, 8:50 min

In the 1960s, Hashem el Madani used his super 8 camera to film outings with his family and friends. This video explores how Madani spontaneously directed his actors / friends / family members including himself. The rushes used in the five movements were shot in the late 1960s and early seventies in Egypt, and many sites in Lebanon such as Beiteddine, Kfarhonah, Dahr el Ramleh, and Jezzine, which used to be Madani's summer residence.

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© Stills: Akram Zaatari
Repros: Haupt & Binder


* 1966 Saida, Libanon. Lebt in Beirut, Libanon.
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Venedig / 2007 / Rundgang / Libanon