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52. Biennale Venedig
10. Juni - 21. November 2007

Venedig / 2007 / Rundgang / Libanon

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Walid Sadek





Mourning in the Presence of the Corpse. 2007
Installation: Text, Bild und Zeichnung

Let the dead pass on. Let them depart and with them be gentle, "give them a little encouragement and help them build their little ship of death... like departing mariners, lovingly".* These words resonate with the quietude of a model sociality that congregates around the dying like ship-builders do around the hulk of a ship; a sociality busied by preparations for a last voyage and therefore intimately concerned with the mortality of the living as with the lives of those it calls dead. More importantly, these words exude a sort of lucidity impossible to grasp or factually experience in societies that linger amidst the remnants of its own internecine violence; namely in societies that mourn in the presence of the corpse.

Mourning in the Presence of the Corpse is a wall-mounted and text-based installation which approaches the specific temporality and sociality that are brought about by the persistent and protracted presence of un-inhumed objects of past violence.

* D.H Lawrence, "All Souls' day" in The Oxford Book of Death , chosen and edited by D.J Enright, Oxford University Press, 1983, p. 49.

(Text zum Werk in der Ausstellung)

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* 1966 Beirut, Libanon; lebt dort.
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Venedig / 2007 / Rundgang / Libanon