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52nd Venice Biennale
10 June - 21 November 2007

Venice / 2007 / Tour / Roma Pavilion / Mihaela Ionela Cimpeanu


Mihaela Ionela Cimpeanu - Biography


Mihaela Ionela Cimpeanu was born in 1981 in Baliesti, southeastern Romania, into a family of young Roma. Her father was brought up in a brick-making family and became a construction worker. Her mother was unemployed.

She is the firstborn child in a family with five children. When she was one, the family moved to Craiova. She attended the grammar school and then high school, where she discovered her gift for drawing. She then was admitted to the High School of Arts and graduated with the highest grades.

In 2001 she was admitted to the Faculty of Sculpture at the National Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, Bucharest, and is currently a Master's degree student.

© Photo: Mirela Bratu
Courtesy: Organizer