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52nd Venice Biennale
10 June - 21 November 2007

Venice / 2007 / Tour / Roma Pavilion

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Tímea Junghaus, curator - Biography


Tímea Junghaus is an art historian and cultural activist. Her mother's family were Romunglo musicians and her fathers family were traveling Sinti performers. She graduated from Eotvos Lorand University (Hungary) where she majored in art history. As the first Roma art historian in Hungary and an acknowledged advocate for the cultural rights of minorities she plays an active role in defining inclusive cultural strategies.

In 2002 she founded the János Balázs Gallery, which is located in the 8th district of Budapest, Hungary (an area known of its large Roma population) and she curated several exhibitions that proved and raised public awareness against the cultural oppression of Roma people.

Her articles on minority art, culture and education are published in several cultural magazines and newspapers such as Amaro Drom, Romapage, and the Indymedia Independent Media Network.

In March 2004 she was co-curator of the exhibition: Hidden Holocaust where for the first time, Roma artists have entered the official art scene and exhibited in the Kunsthalle (Contemporary Art Museum) of Budapest. She generated interest, exhibitions and conferences on Roma culture internationally: We are what we are - Aspects of Roma Life in Contemporary Art, (exhibition, Minoriten Galerie, Graz, Austria, October 2004); North and South LAB, Culture and Colonization, (conference, Tanzquartier, Viena, Austria, March 2005); Common Space, Exhibition about the Hungarian minority representation, (exhibition, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary, 2006); About the Absence of the Camp, (exhibition, Kunsthaus Dresden, Germany, 2006).

She is author and co-editor of the first comprehensive publication on European Roma visual art, Meet Your Neighbours - Contemporary Roma Art from Europe (OSI Publication, 2006).

Since 2005 Junghaus has been affiliated with the Open Society Institute, where she is the head of the Roma Cultural Participation Project. RCPP as a component of Open Society Institute's Arts and Culture Network Program emphasizes the cultural inclusiveness and empowerment of Roma as well as changes in the majority societies' attitudes.

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Venice / 2007 / Tour / Roma Pavilion