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Lygia Clark
Lygia Clark: Overalls

Overalls, 1997
Lygia Clark: Máscaras sensoriais

Máscaras sensoriais, 1967
Exhibited at the Ottoneum:

Works and photo-documentation, 1966 - 1975
Objects (1966), Overalls and Máscaras sensoriais (1967),
Luvas sensoriais and Máscara abismo (1968) etc.

Lygia Clark played a singular and influential role in Brazilian culture, weaving ever-closer links between artistic and therapeutic activity. Her work, which first emerged in the late fifties, developed at a moment of intense intellectual ferment when artists were attempting to situate their creations within a process of social transformation. ( ... )

She began on the terrain of geometric abstraction, but very rapidly understood that she was searching for something fundamentally organic, free from the constraints of pictorial form. After her prominent participation in the neoconcrete movement, in the company ol her friend Hélio Oiticica, she went on to create ephemeral objects to be held in one´s hands. Her relational objects from the early sixties were conceived as »living organisms« which take on form and meaning through their contact with the body of the spectator. Withdrawn from all possible financial speculation, they are fabricated from cheap, renewable materials. She then realized the »Máscaras sensoriais« (1967), which demand an increasingly intense sensorial and psychic investment from the spectator. ( ... )

(From the Text by Paul Sztulman in the dX - short guide)
Lygia Clark - Biographie
1920, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais / 1988 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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