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Hélio Oiticica
Hélio Oiticica 1937 - 1980 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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At the Kulturbahnhof, ground-floor:

Bólides, 1963-67

Parangolés, 1964-79

Model for the project Caes de Caça, 1960

Display case with documentation
Helio Oiticica is a major figure of the Brazilian avantgarde in the sixties and seventies.(...) His generation shared the basic assumption that cultural change was necessary for social transformation. He participated in the neoconcrete movement, which rejected the easel painting and attempted to move the experience of color into space and time, as in the work of Mondrian. Oiticica rapidly sought to broaden his conceptions to embrace a »general constructive will«. Melding an original interpretation of artistic modernity with contributions from Brazil´s highly pluralistic society he developed his art as a kind of ordered delirium, an organized trance.

(P. Sztulmann from dX - short guide)
Further information:

Museo Parangolé
Guy Brett on H.Oiticica, in: TRANS>. (English, Spanish)

Beyond Space
Special exhibition during the 7th Havana Biennial, 2000.
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