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Tunga: Interview

... Emotions, Feelings and Corporeality are also Forms of Thinking

After an interview on 27th June 1997, with Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt.
With photos of his work at documenta X.

Points of Departure for the Work in Kassel

One point of departure for my work in Kassel was the piece which I presented in New York for the 10th anniversary of the Tschernobyl catastrophy. The piece is dedicated to the rescue team who took on the most dangerous tasks. It's a parody on a nuclear particle accelerator in the streets of New York. In an area which is very busy on Saturdays and Sundays, I had seven men walk around in the pattern of a Moebius-loop. They walked continually in the same direction, so that their paths would cross at a specific point. The seven were dressed in white shirts and jeans, and each carried a suitcase. Every time two would meet, the suitcases opened, the contents fell out, and a photographer took a picture. It was a perfect parody on a nuclear accelerator, in which two particles (in this case two of the men) collide, and what happens in the nucleus is captured in a photograph. The suitcases' mysterious contents were fragments of a human body, without the torso, which means without the sexual organs. After they scattered across the floor, the men picked up the gelatin-covered fragments, cleaned them, and put them away in the suitcases as if nothing had happened. Body parts in a suitcase recalls thoughts of a classic crime. Here is presented the connection between an individual crime, coming from the mystery of human passion, and a great crime against humanity, resulting from the logic of science. A text accompanies the performance, which describes it as though it were a scientific event.   next >> Tunga: Performance
Tunga: Performance
Tunga: Performance
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