Jaeggi-home back

They sang sang Back those of you
trudging along go back.
Still in - Motionless
quiet glance. Hand in hand
relaxed, freed
What for
Would that a Bivouac in
rock rifts in the midst of a f(ight) about it

The air punctured Head
down day after day as if
regularly interrupted by - longer and
longer Head for- and downward
Lifts his gaze Has it Now
Wandering searching eyes in front of
feet. No longer
Only eyes.
Not as if ever again Not in
misnamed surroundings
Returning empty this
gaze and only - Just this much
shortly before. Difficult to -
since no light yet
In airless space
remnants of splinter.
Summing up: Cell
after cell. No jail bars.
Skin One skin changing
into another fists clenched in
insistent premonition Taking a
chance no transition from
the state of shock into
speed Started as if - even
though Again and again a new
start. Pulsating blood in the
Breathe again they say
Again squeeze it out
death rattle in the throat
fading away rearing up once more
Foam along the chin
Hand knee belly writhing
not much change of place
And again there was Again somewhere
Nothing for anyone. Everything from.
In order to gain now finally in
order to gain time becoming
gloomier gloomy everything
all forever for less
Always hearing Bihac
words as if handed over
cremate extinguish burn

Call them back
Don't leave behind don't leave
don't forsake call back
Efforts in order still to -
finally and in order still to
In efforts to
Forsaking Call In In In they say
Forsaken Call When everything
When when cease fire
In an attempt or perhaps not A
moment nothing but an hour The more
so since trains and convoys in an attempt
to explain what follows
They say At this moment while
falling And then similar lines in -
No paper or lines on -
Without a head hearing
similarly an - encamped behind you -
similar in space aimless lines
of no kind.
Without marks in the lines Because
no kind of - Not here Not now
similar Not there Here not here
not here they say to the right on
his side to the left and Dance Not more
and more dan(ce) without nobody
dance without Now dan(ce) if and
be because Now dan(ce) and far because
Now dan(ce) and far far far dan(ce)
Now dan(ce) far for dan Now for
fa for Now dan fa for dan
far dan now fo dan fa dan far
Now fa fo death far dance
Now no now dan without nob--
for far and if dan far dan
if da


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