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(low, serene)

All these were witnesses
of the event
Expression in dust and
mud, refuse.
One after another torn apart
One after another
That's what was that's what was and
one fine day one day when everything
also the witnesses of the event
long since without rem(embrance)
just as one fine day dust and
mud covered up
or even less
That's what and they say
Go back you
Thy Will Be Done under
protest and tears and our wishes
incarnate free on account of lack of evidence enshrined by the

Even one of poor eyesight
will see it according to the
sight through overview
inward yet
branching out, lightly now
because once carrying
pictures piggyback
wanting nothing and now no letter lighting up any more a chorus of car horns as one poor finale
although a face
Armed with the countenance
of the needy
Eyes blind
eyes blind and staring Although a
face blind
Even though a face

Pangs of joy
A fffa--
Sound of silence


© Urs Jaeggi  /  Website:  Universes in Universe