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RAILS    (I)

He with his stick (or
gun) swung out countless times
it seemed He shook his -
as if in uncoordinated movement
Eyeballs still staring
(notes the observer) and
probably others would have -
Even though for a long time
it would have been
more than enough

The indifference of birds
in flight blindly in sub-
setting light
As if moved on a screen
advertising squares checkered
round shapes in passing
arms waving one might have
thought bright spots
more and more diffuse step
by step disappearing
It might be - (the
So there is -
Unless in this case
signals of sacrifice.
Easily (how otherwise)
an explosion of fire in order to
give the whole - So that in
reality step by step
in spite of the dead in the usual
impenetrable - To say nothing
of those arranged as an after-thought
Over - Although nothing else -
To say it might have been
if you please -
One would have -
chanted by fists

Everything points to it
the setting - sun
blinds the sound of -
Nothing else - Nothing except those -
Perhaps because hands move
prematurely The
jerking spot there black
as soot And therefore
pictured at a slant even if
it still seemed so for long

The trap of time
defoliated trees
shot in pairs
also forward
They have fled Drawn on
a wall with left over coal
No matter what heritage and
no matter what sex
As good as possible and as long as
it lasted as if aligned the slanted
incidence of light
as a barricade
just ahead of chaos - Although the rain
stopped To say nothing of -
A group of darkly clad me(n) is left
connected to nothing
rememb(rance) of whatever -
Posed so to speak while the noise grew - into nothing
but. Many pictures.
The air punctured
And walking in step Again like
in rhythm - Breathing -
head between shoulders
Suddenly without understanding Unless
this more or less
soundless thing this time bright
No change East wind
No ground

Still the beginning
when it started Uselessly
in haste. On those torn up
by tree trunks and
shards of rock
deadly olive-colored
Solely intent upon the
sun to - again and after
the first days - Crumpled
and melancholy - They beat
First one Then
two without warning beat after
beat In a
coherent and logical
vocab - just like a theorem
because if it ineluctably
convulsed of necessity
Eyes from a sharp angle
A rip in the wool-colored uniform-
cloth blood as if soaked up by
blotting paper While an emasciated
body - Driving fire dancing to the beat
gliding to the beat (next to the
threatening) falling off to
the side just like -
So far.
Transmission between temples touching
reverberating of shots (the
bullet more or less deeply
embedded) The witnesses of
the event gave an account in
dust and mud One after
another and one
fine day One fine day the
witnesses of the events without
rememb(rance) One day And


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