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Mexico at ARCO 2005
10 - 14 February 2005. Madrid, Spain


Mexico Guest of Honour at ARCO 2005

Photo tour 

With Mexico, there was this year for the first time a Latin American country as guest of honour at the international art fair ARCO. Parallel to presentations of Mexican art galleries at the fair itself, numerous exhibitions and events of Mexican art and culture took place in Madrid.

Our photo tour is meant to share some impressions of the events, particularly with those who were not there:

ARCO '05

10 - 14 February 2005
Madrid, Spain


Mexican galleries in ARCO '05

Mexican galleries at ARCO '05
Stands and presentations at the art fair (28 photo pages).

Tijuana Sessions

Tijuana Sessions
Exhibition: 16 artists from Northern Mexico and California (18 photo pages).


Exhibition of Mexican art based on electronic media (10 photo pages).


Information an photos from the symposium on contemporary art in Mexico.

We would have also included the exhibition "Eco" at the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, but it was strictly forbidden to take any photos.