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25 March - 30 April 2007

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Dora García




Rezos (The Prayers). 2007
Intervention, sound archive

"Los Rezos", by Dora García, continually recites, as a kind of litany, everything that ten people located in different points of the city have seen and heard for an hour. This project, recently carried out in Madrid as part of the public art program called Madrid Abierto, is now taking place in Cartagena, as a kind of virtual link between both cities. The descriptions of what is going on, recited like prayers, are recorded in audio files that, once on the Internet, can be easily and freely accessed, mixed or downloaded, generating new experiences from the ones lived and produced by the ten protagonists.
(Translation: Marina Torres)

Internet, Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española

© Photo + Text: SEACEX


* 1965 Valladolid, Spain. Lives in Brussels, Belgium.


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