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25 March - 30 April 2007

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Pablo Helguera




Suite Getsemaní, dentro del proyecto Conservatorio de las Lenguas Muertas (Suite Getsemaní, within the project of the Dead Languages Conservatory). 2007

For several years now, Pablo Helguera has been devoting himself to a singular task: the preservation of tongues which are dying because the people who speak them have been forced to learn hegemonic languages in order to survive. Helguera has named this impossible project "Dead Languages Conservatory." The texts, songs, poems and legends are recorded on wax cylinders with a phonograph -the most archaic recording technology, also dying off. For Cartagena, Helguera recorded sounds and voices, and interviewed people in the popular neighborhood of Getsemaní. These recordings, preserved in his "voice museum", are accompanied by a fictitious narrative -a tourist guide for a hypothetic future in which this densely populated part of the city has ceased to exist.
(Translation: Marina Torres)

Museo Histórico (Palacio de la Inquisición)

© Photo + Text: SEACEX


* 1971 Mexico City, Mexico. Lives in New York, USA.
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