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25 March - 30 April 2007

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Alicia Martín




Meteoro. 2007

Alicia Martín has made an impact with her "Meteoro", a sculpture made with three thousand books that come down from one of the windows of the Naval Museum to the floor of the hall. The cannonballs fired in the past from the besieging ships to the city come metaphorically to a very different life in this projectile made of books, a weapon questioned by the technological revolution and the postmodern paradigm, but still powerful as a tool of culture and liberation. Books in motion that unfold through a labyrinthine reality, always unfinished narrations of individual and collective worlds, whose voices run swiftly and confused in his video "Políglotas" (Polyglots).
(Translation: Marina Torres)

Museo Naval
Biblioteca Departamental Bartolomé Calvo

© Photo + Text: SEACEX


* 1964 Madrid, Spain; lives there.


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