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25 March - 30 April 2007

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Ester Partegàs




Civilización. 2007

Ester Partegàs, who has been working on the subject of consumption and excess in developed societies for a long time, has recently created a series of works in which she shifts her focus and attempts to open spaces for reflection about the connections between civilization and barbarism. The distortion of scale in the objects alters the relationship between object and sign producing dramatic or absurd effects. In this occasion, this is expressed by the sculpture installed on the facade of the government house, whose arches are adorned with huge chains with dangling garments composing the word "Civilización" (Civilization).
(Translation: Marina Torres)

Palacio de la Gobernación

© Photo + Text: SEACEX


* 1972 La Garriga - Barcelona, Spain. Lives in New York, USA.


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