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Cazadores de sombras
10 October - 16 November 2007

Cazadores de sombras / Photos - overview

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Dionisio González




Jornalista Roberto Marinho I. 2005

Is it true everything we see? To what extent can we even say that we are completely sure of what we see? The landscapes that González creates based on the ruins of real city buildings are as real as the viewer believes they are. And this is not because the technologies applied to photography can put on paper or film anything the artist can dream up in his mind. In the case of Dionisio González, this romantic notion of recovering buildings that are in ruins due to political negligence or economic collapse started in Havana. He rebuilds fragments of the building with prefabricated elements made of glass, wood. Elements which although have nothing to do with the building, with the landscape, are nevertheless totally believable, as if "they could be". The line between what's possible and what's impossible has been erased.

This project continues in the favelas of some cities of Brazil that are being destroyed due to a process of political cleaning. The artist suggests options of rehabilitation digitally reconstructing the images, adding non-existent elements, and, in his latest works, he adds people, who are obviously foreign to the place. A way to recover the landscape within the uncertainty of reality and of possibility, a Utopian reconstruction of places that are impossible to save unless it's done in the artistic terrain of dreams and wishes.

(Translation: Marina Torres)

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Cazadores de sombras / Photos - overview