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Cazadores de sombras
10 October - 16 November 2007

Cazadores de sombras / Photos - overview

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Anna Malagrida




Untitled. 2000-2002
Series: Interiors

We're all intrigued by shadows behind a window. When we watch a city at night and see so many buildings with the lights on, it's impossible not to think about the stories that are going on behind every one of those windows. The lights are on, then they are off, leaving behind a trace of mystery. The façades of the buildings presented by Malagrida are like geometric nets in which every window, lit or not, has great narrative capacity, and invites us to actively participate in the work. The interplay between indoors and outdoors is permanent in these images, which are like dollhouses inhabited by some small beings. These beings are real and we snoop into their lives in brief and undecipherable intervals.

The darkness of the indoor portraits is also suggestive, full of literary dreams. Like those suburban landscapes, where the city breaks into dirt roads, and the space opens up so that nature can fill all the gaps of urbanism. In those badly lit areas, the light coming out of a lone and isolated open car startles us, and that woman walking alone at dusk through a place that is neither country nor city with a thousand ill omens lurking in the dark fills us with anxiety. The city, in the background, is still the unavoidable witness, the backdrop of an unresolved scene, growing in our imagination and making us see and think far beyond what we actually perceive.

(Translation: Marina Torres)

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Cazadores de sombras / Photos - overview