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Africa Remix
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Africa Remix

List of Artists

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Akinbiyi, Akinbode

* 1946 Oxford, Great Britain. Lives in Berlin, Germany

Akpan, Sunday Jack

* 1940 Ikot Ide Etukudo, Nigeria.

Alexander, Jane

* 1959 Johannesburg, South Africa. Lives in Cape Town.

Alvim, Fernando

* 1963 Luanda, Angola. Lives in Brussels/Belgium and Luanda.

Amer, Ghada

* 1963 Cairo, Egypt. Lives in New York.

Anatsui, El

* 1944 Anyako, Ghana. Lives in Nsukka, Nigeria.

Andrianomearisoa, Joël

* 1977 Antananarivo, Madagascar. Lives in Paris.

Assubuji, Rui

* 1964 Cabo Delgado (Ilha do Ibo), Mozambique. Lives in Maputo.


Baladi, Lara

* 1969 Beirut, Libanon. Lives in Cairo, Egypt.

Barrada, Yto

* 1971 Paris, France. Lives in Paris and Tangier, Morocco.

Basto, Luis

* 1965 Maputo, Mozambique. Lives in Maputo and Harare, Zimbabwe.

Baz, Mohamed El

* 1967 El Ksiba, Morocco. Lives in Lille, France.

Benohoud, Hicham

* 1968 Marrakech, Morocco. Lives there.

Bester, Willie

* 1956 Cape Town, South Africa. Lives there.

Bickle, Berry

* 1959 Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Lives in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Bidjocka, Bili

* 1962 Douala, Cameroon. Lives in Paris, France.

Botha, Andries

* 1952 Durban, South Africa. Lives there.

Botha, Wim

* 1974 Pretoria, South Africa. Lives there.

Bouabdellah, Zoulikha

* 1977 Moskow, Sowjet Union. Lives in Paris. Parents from Algeria, where she was raised.

Bruly Bouabré, Frédéric

* 1923 Zepreguhe, Côte d'Ivoire. Lives in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.


Cherin, Chéri

* 1955 Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (former Zaïre). Lives there.

Cherinet, Loulou

* 1970 Göteborg, Sweden. Lives in Stockholm. Father from Ethiopia.

Cissé, Soly

* 1969 Dakar, Senegal. Lives there.


D., Omar

* 1951 Algeria. Lives in Paris and Algiers.

Derrick, Tracey

* South Africa. Lives in Cape Town.

Diallo, Cheick

* 1960 Bamako, Mali. Lives in Rouen, France.


* 1960 Enugu, Nigeria. Lives in Lagos.

Dumas, Marlene

* 1953 Cape Town, South Africa. Lives in Amsterdam.


Fakhir, Ymane

* 1969 Casablanca, Morocco. Lives in Marseille, France.

Fatmi, Mounir

* 1970 Tangier, Morocco. Lives in Paris and Tangier.

Faye, Balthazar

* 1964 Dakar, Senegal. Lives in Paris.

Fosso, Samuel

* 1962 Kumba, Cameroon. Lives in Bangui, Central African Republic.


Gaba, Meschac

* 1961 Cotonou, Benin. Lives in Amsterdam.

Gasteli, Jellel

* 1958 Tunis, Tunesia. Lives in Paris.

Gera (Mawi Mazgabu)

* 1941 Tsata, Ethiopia; + 2000 in Addis Abeba.

Goldblatt, David

* 1930 Randfontein, South Africa. Lives in Johannesburg.


Hazoumé, Romuald

* 1962 Porto Novo, Benin. Lives there.

Hlungwani, Jackson

* 1923 Nkanyani, South Africa. Lives in Mbhokoto, South Africa.


Kapela, Paulo

* 1947 Democratic Republic of the Congo (former Zaïre). Lives in Luanda, Angola.

Kenawy, Amal & Abd El Ghany

* 1974 / * 1969 Egypt

Kentridge, William

* 1955 Johannesburg, South Africa. Lives there.

Kingelez, Bodys Isek

* 1948 Kimbembele Ihunga (former Zaïre). Lives in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Konaté, Abdoulaye

* 1953 in Diré, Mali. Lives in Bamako, Mali.


Langa, Moshekwa

* 1975 Bakenberg, North province, South Africa. Lives in Johannesburg and Amsterdam.

Leki Dago, Ananias

* 1970 Côte d'Ivoire

Leye, Goddy

* 1965 Mbouda, Cameroon. Lives in Duala and Amsterdam.

Lilanga Di Nyama, Georges

* 1940 Maasi, Tanzania. Lives in Daressalam, Tanzania.

Lundangi, Franck K.

* 1958 Maquela do Zombo, Angola. Lives in Paris.


Mabunda, Gonçalo

* 1975 Maputo, Mozambique. Lives there.

Magema, Michèle

* 1977 Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lives in Neuilly-sur-Marne and Paris, France.

Mansaray, Abu Bakarr

* 1970 Tongo, Sierra Leone. Lives in Freetown and Harlingen, Netherlands.

Mehretu, Julie

* 1970 Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Lives in New York.

Mihindou, Myriam

* 1964 Libreville, Gabon. Lives in Rabat, Morocco.

Mofokeng, Santu

* 1956 Johannesburg, South Africa. Lives there.

Mthethwa, Zwelethu

* 1960 Durban, South Africa. Lives in Cape Town.

Musa, Hassan

* 1951 Sudan. Lives in Domessargues, Département Gard, France.

Mutima, N'Dilo

* 1978 Luanda, Angola. Lives there.

Mutu, Wangechi

* Nairobi, Kenia. Lives in New York.

Mwangi, Ingrid

* 1975 Nairobi, Kenia. Lives in Ludwigshafen, Germany.


Naim, Sabah

* 1967 Cairo, Egypt. Lives there.

Nasr, Moataz

* 1961 Alexandria, Egypt. Lives in Cairo.

Nkanga, Otobong

* 1974 Kano, Nigeria. Lives in Amsterdam, Paris and Nigeria.

Noshokaty, Shady El

* 1971 Damiette, Egypt. Lives in Cairo.

Ntakiyica, Aimé

* 1960 Burundi. Lives in Beersel, Belgium.


Ole, Antonio

* 1951 Luanda, Angola. Lives there.

Onyango, Richard

* 1960 Kisii, Kenia. Lives in Malindi, Kenia.


* 1956 Sekondi, Ghana. Lives in Bremen, Germany.


Perrier, Eileen

* 1974 London, Ghanian background.

Place, Rodney

* 1952 Johannesburg, South Africa. Lives there.

Pume, Francis

* 1968 Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lives in Kinshasa.


Rose, Tracey

* 1974 in Durban, South Africa. Lives in Johannesburg.


Samba, Chéri

* 1956 Kinto M'Vuila, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lives in Kinshasa and Paris.

Santimano, Sérgio

* 1956 Lourenço Marques (Maputo), Mozambique. Lives in Maputo.

Sedira, Zineb

* 1963 Paris, France. Lives in London. Algerian background.

Semtati, Benyounès

* 1966 Oujda, Morocco. Lives in Paris.

Shonibare, Yinka

* 1962 London, Great Britain. Lives there. Nigerian background.

deSouza, Allan

* 1958 Nairobi, Kenia. Lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Sumegné, Joseph-Francis

* 1951 Bamenjou, Cameroon. Lives in Yaoundé.


Tayou, Pascale Marthine

* 1967 Yaoundé, Cameroon. Lives in Yaoundé and Brussels.

Tchicaya, Patrice Felix

* 1960 Paris, France. Lives there. One part of his family from Congo.

Tillim, Guy

* 1962 Johannesburg, South Africa. Lives in Durban and Paris.


Fernando Agostinho Mabota
* 1963 Maputo, Mozambique. Lives there.

Toguo, Barthélémy

* 1967 M'Balmayo, Cameroon. Lives in Düsseldorf, Paris and Bandjoun, Cameroon.

Tokoudagba, Cyprien

* 1939 Abomey, Bénin. Lives there.

Tuggar, Fatimah

* 1967 Kaduna, Nigeria. Lives in New York.


Weangaï, Ernest

* 1963 Central African Republic. Lives there.

Africa Remix