It's essential to break rules and do things "wrong" in art. But it's seemingly necessary to follow rules and do things "right" in making Web art. This is the big problem confronting the Web artist, for the technique --and not the art -- of making Web art necessitates obeying strict rules the flouting of which is punished by absolute failure to create image and sound. One HTML misstep, and nothing works, nothing happens on the screen. With this in mind my Web art project tries to break as many rules as possible. In my work there is: no interactivity; no graphics or graphic design; no photos; no banners; no millions-of-colors; no playful fonts; no pyrotechnics. I have a special dislike for interactivity. To me it's a paltry, laughable thing, like getting a kick out of pulling the trigger of a gun: click: bang. I don't get it. When I click on interactive art, I get the feeling I'm the rat in the Skinner box, except there's only the miserable reward, not the shock. Art isn't reward, it's shock, or something approaching it, something I would call beauty.
My Web art tries to express the essence of the Internet: information. Strip away the interactiviy, the graphics, the design, the photos, the banners, the colors, the fonts and the rest, and what's left?

The text.