The World Wide Web has grown to an intricate labyrinth of information, that mirrors, processes and feeds back our contemporary culture. Simple, multiple, pure, hybrid and pseudo identities are being constructed and deconstructed in today's cultural maze. They overlap and intertwine with other information, succeed to break through or get lost in the noise.
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This virtual exhibition aims at untangling some threads from this mess(h), presenting works by women artists of different cultural backgrounds and from various fields. Web presentations of »real« artworks and a selection of web-based pieces, which can be associated with the six thematic areas of the International Women's University (body, city, information, migration, water, work), are two of the operational threads of the project. They relate to the web as a

* source of information
* stage of action.

The third thread of operation uses the Internet's advantages as a

* channel for communication

and constitutes the warp and weft of the project. Threads of the Woven Maze is not only build upon the network of contacts this new medium has made possible, its goal is also to encourage synapse and communication between artists and audience.

Pat Binder
Buenos Aires/Berlin

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  I would like to thank the International Women's University for making this project possible, and my artists colleagues for their enthusiasm.

Special thanks, as well, go to:

Rebeccah Blum
Rhana Devenport
Britta Erickson
Binghui Huangfu
Kim Machan
Santu Mofokeng
Andreas Schmidt
Graciela Schmilchuk
Sabine Vogel
for their assistance,
in particular to:
Gerhard Haupt