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Havana Biennial


11th Havana Biennial 2012

11th Havana Biennial
11 May - 11 June 2012
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Havana Biennial

Cuba, Havana


Havana Biennial - venues, city map

Venues, city map

Havana Biennial - venues, city map


The Havana Biennial was established in 1984, long before the worldwide boom of Biennials in the Mid-nineties. Its first edition was focused on artists from Latin America and the Caribbean who live or have their cultural roots there. Since the 2nd Havana Biennial in 1986, the focus was extended to include Africa and Asia, thus becoming the most important meeting place for artists from "non-Western" countries. For this reason, Universes in Universe dedicated particular attention to this event several times.

For the 10th Havana Biennial in the year 2009, the organizers have announced a more open concept, which means that the restriction to invite artists from the so-called "Third World" will be officially lifted.



Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam
(see our Information)

San Ignacio 22,
esquina a Empedrado
Plaza de la Catedral
La Habana Vieja / Cuba

Email: contactobienal@wlam.cult.cu
Website: www.bienalhabana.cult.cu


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Gerhard Haupt and Pat Binder, Universes in Universe



10th Havana Biennial
27 March - 30 April 2009

9th Havana Biennial
27 March - 27 April 2006

8th Havana Biennial
1 Nov. - 15 Dec. 2003
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7th Havana Biennial
17 Nov. 2000 - 6 Jan. '01
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6th Havana Biennial
3 May - 8 June 1997
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Brief information:

5th Havana Biennial
6 May - 30 June 1994

4th Havana Biennial
16 Nov. - 31 Dec. 1991

3rd Havana Biennial
27 Oct. - 31 Dec. 1989

2nd Havana Biennial
26 Nov. - 31 Dec. 1986

1st Havana Biennial
May - June 1984