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Reinaldo Laddaga:   Tunga

A Survey (1977-1997)
A Universe of Exquisite Links

During these fifteen years, Tunga has been first and foremost a sculptor (builder of the objects included in this exhibit), a creator of performances, and an inventor of fictions.
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In September the first comprehensive exhibit of the work of Tunga curated by Carlos Basualdo, opened at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, located a few hours north of New York City. Tunga, who lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, is the youngest member of the great generation of Brazilian artists (Cildo Meireles, José Resende, and Waltercio Caldas are a few of the others) who followed the figures of Hélio Oiticia and Lygia Clark.

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Reinaldo Laddaga: Author and PhD at New York University. He teaches at several universities in Argentina and the U.S. He has published extensively on aesthetics, art and literature issues.

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