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Dak'Art 2004
7 May - 7 June 2004


Dak'Art 2004
6th Biennial of Contemporary African Art


Besides the usual focus, this year's Dak'Art will refer more strongly to the globalization context. These are the main exhibitions and events:

International Exhibition
33 artists from 15 African countries, selected by an international committee of African curators and critics, as well as art experts from Austria, Canada and France. President: Sara Diamond.

Venue: CICES (Centre International de Commerce Extérieur du Sénégal)

Salon for African Design
5 artists from 4 African countries.

Venue: Maison de la Culture Douta Seck

Individual Exhibitions
3 sections, proposed by different curators:

3 artists, curated by Yacouba Konaté (Ivory Coast).

Venue:Galerie Nationale d’Art

3 artists, curated by Ivo Mesquita (Brazil)

Venue: Musée de l’IFAN (Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire)

12 artists and groups, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist (Switzerland)

Venue:L’Ancien Palais de Justice (Former Law-Court)

Meetings and Exchange
Conference with the main theme: "Contemporary African art put to the test of globalization: problems, possibilities and prospects."

Venue: CICES (Centre International de Commerce Extérieur du Sénégal)

DAK’ART_lab /Book 1
Laboratory of art and technology  - platform for scientists, technicians and artists who are interested in the development of digital art.

Venue: CICES

Tribute to Iba Ndiaye Djadji
Art critic, professor of aesthetics, author of several publications on contemporary Art in Africa. Since 1996 in charge of the"Meetings and Exchange" of the Dakar Biennial. He passed away in November 2003.

Venue: CICES

Many collective and individual, local and international initiatives parallel to the Biennial.



Secrétariat Général de la Biennale des Arts de Dakar

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B.P. 3865
Dakar RP - Sénégal

Phone: (00 221) 33 823 09 18
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Email: info@biennaledakar.org

Website: www.biennaledakar.org



Dak'Art 2004
6th Dakar Biennial

7 May - 7 June 2004

Dakar, Senegal

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