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This is your house, Vicenta: Pamela Ruiz

From an interview by Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt.
This project started in January when I realized the Biennial was coming and, due to space and funding or for whatever reasons from the organization, not all of the Cuban artists could show. I have friends that are artists, I'm married to an artist, so I took the initiative to organize this exhibition. I'm not a curator. I'd like to make that very clear. I'm a producer, and everything has been a learning process.

In Cuba, alternative spaces are not the usual. This show is particularly unusual because none of us live here. The owner is an eighty year old woman who's a friend of mine to whom I mentioned that I was looking for a space to be able to do an exhibition and she said, "This is your house". One of the most incredible aspects of this show was that Vincenta, because she's living with the artworks everyday, has developed some kind of dialogue with them.

The pieces, although they weren't really made for the house, just seemed to integrate completely. I feel the house is not more overwhelming than the work and the work is not more overwhelming than the space.

Everything that has been done is not controversial in any way. This is not against the institutions. As a matter of fact, I invited them and there are people here from the institutions.

What I'm doing and would always try to do is to promote Cuban artists abroad or here. I'm also very interested in inviting international artists to do shows here because most Cubans can't travel. So if you're not one of the few artists that do travel, you have no opportunity - except in a magazine or a catalogue or a book - to see someone else's work.

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Gerhard Haupt & Pat Binder,
Universes in Universe
Pamela Ruiz

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