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This is your house, Vicenta: Kerstin Zurbrigg
Kerstin Zurbrigg
From an interview by Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt.

The piece I began about four years ago as an idea to produce paintings that would be site specific. Actually it started when I went to visit the museum in Versailles and saw the process of replacing the artworks of the house, that had been sold after the revolution, and thought it would be interesting to propose paintings to sit in the place of the things that once were there. So that's how the project began.

And now the work is all site specific and all of the locations are in Havana. I took the photograph first and then made a painting, which is meant as a proposal only. It will never actually be in the room but it is made for the room, for something about the history of the room or a person who lived there, or even a response to the decoration, the aesthetic taste of that room.

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Kerstin Zurbrigg
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