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6th Biennial of Havana:  Parallel Program

Manuel Mendive, Cuba (Cathedral Plaza)
César Martínez, Mexico (Hotel Sevilla)
Flavio Pons, Brazil (Centro Lam)
Carlos Garaicoa, Cuba (Old-Havana)
Casas & Lemebel, Chile (Centro Lam)
Chandrasekaran, Singapore (Casa de Asia)
Arahmaiani, Indonesia (Casa de Asia)
Mike Parr, Australia (Castillo del Morro)

Roundtable Discussions, Lectures

Podium Discussions:
The Salon of Cuban Art
Latin American Art
Contemporary Art of Africa
Wifredo Lam

Lectures (themes):
Contemporary Art of Trinidad-Tobago, Central America, Puerto Rico, Scandinavia; Murals of the Nicaraguan Revolution; Street Art in Jamaica; Danish Photography; Photography and Violence; the Exhibit Women Beyond Borders; Globalization and Fragmentation in Today's World; Taxology of Post-Remembrance; the Body as a Place of Memory. A few artists spoke about their own work.

Several meetings between artists and curators took place, some of which in the three exhibition areas, and with participants from specific world-regions.

Artists' Symposia, Workshops:

2nd International Symposium for Small-Format Ceramics, Rakú 97
Serigraphy-Workshop and Exhibit »Para Quebrar los Moldes«
Workshop for Ephemeral Sculpture »Art-Individual-Nature«

Video Program:

Films about art, as well as artists' videos in the Centro Cultural Cinematográfico Yara.

It was impossible to take part in all of the important points of the program. Since the lecture hall in the National Museum of Fine Art was not available this year, lectures and round-table discussions were spread out among different locations. This meant that there was a continual overlapping of events. A number of lecturers didn't make the trip, still others didn't hold their scheduled talks even though they were in Havana. Schedules were changed regularly, including those for performances. What events actually took place may only be known by the Centro Wifredo Lam. Therefore, we limit ourselves here to a brief overview with a few specific examples.

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Havana Art Scene

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