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10th Istanbul Biennial
8 September - 4 November 2007


Photo tour through the Istanbul Biennial 2007

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Works by 40 participants, venues, art scene, etc.

10th Istanbul Biennial, 2007


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Antrepo No. 3



Not Only Possible, But Also Necessary:
Optimism in the Age of Global War

The 10th International Istanbul Biennial is not conceived as a thematic exhibition in the traditional manner; rather, it will emphasise artistic production based on collective intelligence and the living process of negotiating with physical sites. The biennial will focus on urban issues and architectural reality as a means of exposing different cultural contexts and artistic visions regarding the complex and diverse forms of modernity.

The exhibition sites selected for this edition, are symbolic for particular social, cultural or political aspects of the city's and country's modernization, which will be explored under significant titles. More than 100 artists and groups from 35 countries participate with more than 150 projects.

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Istanbul Foundation for Culture & Arts


International Istanbul Biennial
Istanbul Foundation For Culture and Arts
İstiklal Caddesi 146
Beyoğlu 34435 Istanbul

Phone: (+90 212) 334 07 00, ext. 763 and 764
Fax: (+90 212) 334 07 18

Email: ist.biennial@iksv.org

Website: http://www.iksv.org/bienal/english/


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10th Istanbul Biennial

8 September -
4 November 2007

Not only possible, but also necessary: Optimism in the Age of Global War

Hou Hanru

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over 100 participants
from 35 countries

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