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1st Singapore Biennale
4 September - 12 November 2006

Symposium: The Biennale Complex

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Biennial of Contemporary African Art
Dakar, Senegal




Since 1992, a platform for contemporary art with cultural roots in Africa. The biennial is under the patronage of Senegal's Ministry of Culture, and organized by the Secrétariat Général de la Biennale de Dakar, supported by a scientific council (Conseil Scientifique) made up of independent art specialists.

At the beginning in 1992, it was named the Biennale of Arts and Literature. After two editions, one with a literary, the other with an art purpose, in 1996 it became the Biennale of Contemporary African Art.

The 7 th Edition took place from 5 May - 5 June 2006. General secretary: Yacouba Konaté.



1st Edition: 1992

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Symposium: The Biennale Complex