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25 March - 30 April 2007

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Luis Romero




Tipos móviles (Mobile Types). 2007

Venezuelan artist Luis Romero has developed his "Tipos móviles" (Mobile Types) project in contexts as diverse as Caracas, San Juan, Buenos Aires, London, and now, in Cartagena. Romero has invited other artists to create posters using letter types, vignettes and the general aesthetics of old wood type printing. The results are diverse, from ironic phrases to manifestos and concrete poetry. These posters are set up in public places next to signs announcing shows or events, introducing a defamiliarization in the reading of the information usually found in urban spaces. The posters will also be placed on a wall at the University, over a big Cartagena flag. A compilation of the whole collection of the "Tipos móviles" project in a big book shall be available at the Spanish Cooperation Training Center.
(Translation: Marina Torres)

Universidad de Cartagena, Claustro de la Merced

© Photo + Text: SEACEX


* 1967 Caracas, Venezuela; lives there and in Choroní, Venezuela.
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Cart[ajena] / Artists / Venues / Projects