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Eduardo Garaicoa, Bernardo Prieto:  Tiendas Abulaye
Eduardo Garaicoa Abreu

Born in 1957 in Havana

Bernardo Prieto Ruiz

Born in 1963 in Havana

Have been showing work together since 1993.
Eduardo Garaicoa, Bernardo Prieto
»Tiendas Abulaye« is a fictitious chain of stores. The name and logo play on the »Tiendas Intur«, the state-run stores in Cuba, in which one can only make purchases with hard currency. »Abulaye«, the namesake and patron, is supposed to be an »Orisha« (name for the Afro-Cuban gods). He embodies what is most treasured today: money and wealth.
Eduardo Garaicoa, Bernardo Prieto

Their project for the exhibition was a boutique »Iré Owo« (which in Yoruba, means Owo money and Iré happiness). In a mixture of art- and religion- marketing, the artists sell devotional objects. With these objects, one is able to pray to Abulaye: »bathe me in money« (Undere mi Owó). On the other hand, there is almost always a reference to social and political aspects of Cuba lurking in the background: the razor to be used to shave off The Beard; the cigar with a coffin as cigarbox; condoms with the label »Take away the Bad« ...

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