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25 March - 30 April 2007

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Juan López Díez




Chikiflay vs. Megadawn. 2007

In his video "Chikiflay vs. Megadawn", Juan López has compared the Spanish and Colombian jargons using a range of insults compiled by himself in the cities of Toledo, Spain, and Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, which are recited by different characters from two screens displayed on the windows of the Modern Art Museum's shop. The artist has also painted a mural in the exhibition hall of the Spanish Cooperation Training Center, where, as he does in his urban interventions, he alters the previous space and superimposes a new symbolic layer with different advertising techniques (decontextualization, appropriation, ambiguity, images, texts, photographs, posters, graffiti) and diverse artistic tools (drawing, shape, composition, collage).
(Translation: Marina Torres)

Escaparate de La Tienda del Museo de Arte Moderno
Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española

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Juan López Díez
* 1979 Alto Maliaño, Spain. Lives in Madrid, Spain.
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