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Tour of the Central Exhibition

In the style of a tour, we have documented the central exhibition of the 7th Havana Biennial. On thirteen exhibition sites - mostly historical buildings - you will find information, photos and maps which give their location in the city.

We are showing works by 95 of the altogether 163 exhibiting artists and groups, 56 of these with statements and/or texts on their works. All in all our documentation of this part of our report contains approximately 370 images.

Venues, which do not appear in our tour:

- Maqueta de La Habana: Howard Ben-Tré (USA)

- Museo de la Cerámica: Ellen Spijkstra (Curaçao)

- Biblioteca Rubén Martínez Villena: Ana María Tavares (Brazil)

List of Artists

All participants of the central exhibition by alphabetical order or by country.

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