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5th Shanghai Biennale
29 September - 28 November 2004


Shanghai Biennale 2004 / Photo Tour

Photo Tour 

more than 40 artists

Shanghai Biennale 2004:
Techniques of the Visible

Shanghai Art Museum

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The 5th edition of the Shanghai Biennale is organized under the artistic direction of a team of 3 Chinese curators and an Argentinean curator: Xu Jiang, Sebastián López, Zheng Shengtian, and Zhang Qing. In the declarations about their concept, one can read, among other things:

"Ying Xiang Sheng Cun, 'Techniques of the Visible', focuses on the close relationship between art, science, and technology, in particular how art has revealed the interdependent social and political forces that produce and subject technology and humanity. Taken from the ancient Chinese terminology of ying and xiang, the concept emerges from an interest in the visual products of modern technology that retain critical historical and emotive references. Ying Xian Sheng Cun suggests that artistic practice engaging with 'technology' is inherently placing itself within a historical continuum, where cultural metaphor becomes critical to its understanding. ..."

Bringing film, photography, video, installation, interactive technologies and performance together, the curators intend to draw the attention "on the diversity of contemporary practice from Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and North America. The Biennale will draw crucial relations between contemporary art and historical precedents, revealing the interconnected and interdependent nature of art that engages technology."

(See the complete press release)

Photo Tour 

Views of the exhibition and
works by more than 40 artists

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29 September -
28 November 2004

Shanghai Art Museum

Xu Jiang
Sebastián López
Zheng Shengtian
Zhang Qing

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Press release
7 September 2004

Techniques of the Visible

Press release
March 2004

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